17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 1

The wood is excessively utilized within this Japanese-inspired bathing space. No doubt, this substance lends it glamorous air.
• The floor and walls have trendy personality.
• On the other hand, the sink, seat, and screen doors are timeless.
• The lighting frees the space brightly.
• An oversize mirror in the wall extends the distance.

Japaneses always highlight on the greatest simplicity. That’s why you will see sleek furniture within their own shower rooms. The ladder is used to flaunt the towel set. Thus brilliant.
Minimalism is the hallmark of Japanese-style bathroom. In the modern and modern homes, the homeowners really keep the clutter in the bay.

You rarely see bright shades like turquoise and blue in the Japanese houses. To the contrary, we recommend you to go bold.
In essence, the Japan toilet proves that less is more. In addition, it brings out your inner zen and unwinds your restless mind. We can not wait to see you copying this exotic style in your home interior.

In case you’ve got a modern loft, you’re still able to bring the Japanese atmosphere into your bathing area. This design is acceptable for both metropolitan and conventional settings.

• To get a more natural look, put the grey river stones or pebbles around the white bathtub.
• Install black laminate flooring and wall to attain the dramatic effect.
• Potted white orchids perk up the tiny space.
• The bathrobe and towels are all attractively displayed here.

The harmony can lie in the design. As an example, the stone counter tops and walls combine nicely with all the weathered stone flooring. They look so sophisticated too.
You do not have to visit hotel anymore. Because this thought surely turns your fantasy spa into reality. Your mind will calm fast.

TSP Home Alone – After going through a bustling day, you definitely need to replenish your own energy at the calming personal refuge. The tiredness highly throws away. And nothing is better than the usual Japan bathroom. For you who need a rejuvenation, let’s dig into these inspirations.
• Involve the tiled tops for a lavish statement.
• Pamper your toes by installing polished stone flooring.
• Suspend a supplementary ceiling lighting.
• Hang the artworks to get an artsy personal escape.
• Add flowers as they create soothing ambiance.

Why select standard tub once you are able to select the oval one? We bet you’ll fall in love with this unconventional form right away.

• The open window allow you to have a bath with a view.
• The built in bathtub just takes a small space.
• Potted bonsai tree along with art make you barely leave the restroom.

Pops of Beautiful Colors

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 2

• Moreover, glass enclosed shower together with wooden furniture make a distinctive look.
• Rectangular tub matches into contemporary motif.
• Full-width glass window enables you to enjoy royal character view.

When it comes to the wall and flooring, don’t be afraid to go for marble. Not only can it be lavish, but also produces a brand new shift.
• Rugged stone tiles cover the walls and floor in an enchanting way.
• Light yellowish functions as the accent color.
• The curved wooden stool, metal shower, bathtub, and giant stone enhance rusticity.

Organic Lavishness

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 3
Who says Japan bath is about palette? It’s possible to inject yours with a healthy dose of bold tones also. We promise they’ll introduce lively character.

Are you a lover of ultra-minimalism? Give it a shot then. This bathroom has exquisitely layout.
• Extra large window lets the sun illuminate the space in the daytime.
• The mini bench and round footstool seem elegant. In addition, they do not occupy a great deal of space.
• Without extra accessories, the washing area is free from clutter.
• Let a couple of bathtubs sit next to the shower area.
• Install mirrored doors for an optimum visual illusion.
• Even though the black tiled-floor and partitions match nicely with wooden flooring.


To incorporate warm and welcoming atmosphere into the bathing chamber, single impartial tone is the solution.
• The purple wall and red sink cabinet pop against black stone background.
• Go for bright light, rather than utilizing the soft one.
• The snowy flowers and greenery exude the eyes.

• Natural wood is the most commonly used substance here.
• Flower from the vase leaves the bathing area more delightful.
• Plenty of down lights give pleasantly dimmer glow.

The Energetic Greenery

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 4

• The bathtub is encased with all the crystal clear glass which leads to nice contrast.
• Bath spout is fully made from marble.
• The streamlined figurines depict the masculine character.

Harmonious Twist

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 5
• Shoji screens are so Japanese .
• The lack of contrasting color invites peaceful aura into the space.
• Glass displays and rock tiles supply the homeowner new textural pleasures.
This lavatory could be short on space. But, it exudes its grandeur through the bamboo cabinetry and the other ornamental elements.

Stone and glass are indispensable components to promote tranquil setting. They specially enhance the comfort .

Invite the nature beauty in your lavatory. The bud and potted plants provide you mind-relaxing ambiance throughout the entire space.
Japaneses really know how best to create the bathroom more comfortable and personal. The frosted glass windows offer them maximum privacy.

• The transparent glass frame works as the divider for shower and bath area.
• Marble wall and floor exhibit the lavish nuance.
• Potted plant in the corner of the bathroom appears so vivacious.
• The existence of rolled towels inject the space with 5-star resort aura.

Subtle Elegance

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 6

• The neutral hues soften the black rock tiles.
• Giant windows deliver sun lights into the area.
• You will find ceramic tub and sink.
• Keep the space minimalist by only including in tub, tank less bathroom, bathtub, sink, and mirror.
• Grow plants for bringing the outdoors inside.
• Install concrete floors to improve a feeling of cleanness.


Unusual Colour Mixing

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 7

• Hang mirrors up to the ceiling and cherry blossom art for more extreme Japanese signature.
• Place the bowl-like ceramic tub to reflect the simple life.
• Cover the top with hardwood slats and beach pebbles.

Understated Opulence

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 8
A refreshing tub isn’t equal to ginormous location. Even though it is tiny, you can use the small area. Thanks to the epic wooden bathtub (ofuro).
• because there is not any bathtub, the distance is more bigger than it actually is.
• Dark sink counter top and shower add dimension to the total space.
• While the mild wooden floor is such tasteful feature.



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